Friday, October 17, 2008

computer problems

The computer at the Peace Corps house in Tamba (which wasn't hooked up to internet, but which I could type things on, save on a flash drive, and copy onto a computer at an internet cafe) has died and been taken off to Dakar to get fixed.  Which means that to use a computer I have to be in an internet cafe, which is inevitably full of guys playing video games and blaring Akon music, and where the keyboards are French style, so the letters are all in the wrong place, which slows me down and drives me nuts. 
Which is all to say that I'm sorry I'm not posting much right now, but I'm writing things in a notebook to copy onto a computer whenever I have access to one in a more conducive environment, so you'll be hearing from me again someday (probably around Nov. 3 when I have to be in Dakar for a meeting).